Eïkangärd Performs Massive Military Exercise on Border of Whetosonghnee

Inwaukosuwuk, Whetosonghnee – For the past three days, the military of Eikangärd has been conducting a large-scale military exercise on the border and near the territorial waters of Whetosonghnee. Monitored by the Whetosonghnean Armed Forces, the exercise totalled approximately 135,000 troops, spread across the Eïkan Army, Air Force, and eighteen ships from the navy. Reports of the involvement of a Xiomeran contingent are, as of now, unconfirmed. According to Military Intelligence, the movements of the exercise closely followed that expected of a planned invasion of Whetosonghnee proper. The message this sends is quite clear. The Eïkan State’s threats of invasion are not empty, and, if necessary, they will do so unless Whetosonghnee bends the knee.

“It’s deeply concerning.” Said Dr. Wab Waschuk, Professor of International Affairs at Inwaukosuwuk University. “That the Eïkans are so boldly showing their willingness to invade their neighbours means they feel ready to put their massive military apparatus to use. Likely, it echoes their nationalist desire for a storng state, and perhaps a slight bit of revenge for our intervening in their Civil War in the 70s.” When asked whether he thought Eïkangärd would invade outright, Dr. Waschuk stated: “I don’t truly know. All I know is that we must take such a possibility seriously and prepare accordingly. Their apparent unwillingness to negotiate save on their terms concerns me. They may be looking to start a war.”

These sentiments seem to be echoed by the Central Government, which has recently announced a new emergency budget which aims to increase overall defence spending. This increase is expected to double the size of the Army and Air force, as well as hasten the replacement of older equipment within these branches. Further, a naval building program has been announced, with the planned order of Tsikoweda-Class Destroyers being increased from six to ten, as well as doubling the number of coastal defence vessels within the fleet.

General Samuel Samoset, one of the Joint Chiefs of the Whetosonghnean Armed Forces, commented on the military buildup in an interview with WNN on Saturday, stating: “The Eïkan State presents a clear and present danger to the sovereignty of Whetosongnee, one which we are aiming to address as quickly as possible. Our domestic defense partners are already working to increase their production output to meet demand.” When asked about the rumors of the Council potentially rescinding or relaxing Article 8 of the Whetosonghnee Constitution to allow for foreign production of Whetosonghnean Arms for domestic use, the General refused to answer, stating: “I work with what I’m given. What the Council decides is beyond my purview.”

General Samoset went on to note the military’s intention to perform their own military exercise on the border of Eïkangärd. To show that Whetosonghnee is capable of defending itself, and that the Council will not simply bend the knee. “I can’t go into specifics. All I can say is that we were given the go-ahead. Much like Eïkangärd did, we’re planning a combined operation of land, air, and sea assets.” He added that time would only tell if the exercise would have the desired effect.

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