Milintica, Wosteaque reach agreement

The governments of Milintica and Wosteaque have reached an agreement that is expected to greatly bolster the Milintican military.

While the exact details of the agreement are being kept classified, Milintican officials reported that Wosteaque has donated to them 50 modern fighter aircraft, as well as three transport planes and an electronic countermeasure plane. In addition, the Milintican navy will receive eight patrol boats, a destroyer and two corvettes. The naval and air donations are intended strictly as deterrence due to fears of a possible Xiomeran invasion, Milintican officials said.

The Milintican ground forces will also receive a large aid package consisting of transport and armored vehicles and artillery. They will also receive more basic supplies such as combat gear, grenades, ammunition, rifles and missiles.

“This agreement with Wosteaque will completely modernize our military and bring us much closer to parity with our allies. It will also bring us much closer to parity with potential threats such as Xiomera, which should serve as a shield against anyone’s imperial ambitions. We are very grateful to our friends in Wosteaque for this agreement,” President Matōchmizalo said. The agreement also calls for closer military cooperation between Milintica and Wosteaque.

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