Royal Coronation Planned in Auria as Coalition seeks to push north

Tomorrow, the long-awaited coronation of Queen Katherina I of Auria will be held on the steps of the Prince Čarles Palace, in front of dozens of TV cameras and thousands of excited spectators. Over two months after the retaking of Lumiere by coalition forces, the capital will be decked out in purple to celebrate the crowning of the young Queen. The royal box will be filled with a variety of important figures to the reconstructed government, including Prime Minister Jacques Arquette (Gaks Arket), High Magistrate Juris Avōts of the Restoration Commission, and Speaker of the Representariat Elenōr Savary.

The royal coronation comes on the heels of a wave of restoration efforts hoping to bring Aurian governmental institutions back to their historical seat. On September 21st, the Representariat held it’s first session since the coup, and the Masterial was quick to follow on September 24th. Places like hospitals, universities, and train stations (that had been run by dwindling skeleton crews as the Civil War went on) began to see spikes in job applicants. The City of Lights, which had quieted during the occupation, was now beginning to return to normal (no doubt due to less unrest and the lifting of the blockade).

However, the Civil War cannot be declared finished yet. While the Aurian Coalition holds over three quarters of the country, regional gangs and warlords still hold parts of the north (including the city of Kap dei Rekēsei, which is under control of someone claiming to be the ousted Andrew Laurent-Ćordonnier). Despite the victory on the eastern front, Coalition morale is gradually declining, especially as rumors of a Lauchenoirian withdrawal from the war spread. It may be weeks or months before the restored Aurian government has full control over their homeland.

Additionally, crowds led by the “United Commune of Auria,” a communist activist group, have attempted to block convoys of Coalition soldiers and equipment heading to the front lines. In a statement released by the group’s founder Alain Bonnet, the group intended to “Hinder the forces aiding the oppression of the monarchy.” Bonnet also called for immediate Representariat elections, a request that the spokesperson for the royal household declined to comment on. Over thirty members of the UCA have been arrested for disturbing the peace.

The United Aurian Press will continue to cover these stories as they progress.

(Translated from Eirian [Aurian Dialect])

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