Huenya to abolish monarchy

Yauhmi, currently nantzintli of Huenya, will be assuming her son's role after the monarchy is abolished

The government of the Huenyan Federation will be undergoing major changes after a deal was struck between Huenyan leaders to keep the Necatli region and people in the nation.

Under the deal, the Huenyan monarchy is to be abolished. Texōccoatl, the current Great Speaker, will abdicate that position. The Xiomeran people will be represented by his mother and the former Great Speaker, Yauhmi, in the Chamber of Executives. All four tlatoani in the Chamber of Executives will now hold equal rank. Yauhmi will also assume leadership over the ethnic Xiomeran homelands recently created by Huenya.

Under the plan, a position of High General (Tlacochcalcatl) will be created for Texōccoatl as an overall commander of the Huenyan military. In this role, he would report to the Defense Secretary and to the current Vice-Speaker, Xiadani. The position of Vice-Speaker would change title to President of the Huenyan Federation. A Vice-President position would also be created, to be filled temporarily by someone appointed by Xiadani and approved by the Legislature. 

The role changes would require rewriting portions of the Huenyan Constitution and a majority approval of both chambers of the Huenyan Legislature. Since the measure is being proposed and backed by Xiadani, however, it is expected to pass both chambers, albeit not without significant debate and opposition. Some Huenyan politicians and military figures are already questioning the wisdom of making wholesale political changes in the midst of an ongoing insurgency in the country. In addition, some Huenyan military and security figures have expressed concern that abolishing the Huenyan monarchy, the last tie Huenya has to the old Xiomeran Empire, could reverse the progress made in convincing ethnic Xiomerans not to support the Golden Blade insurgency. Regardless of these concerns, a bill to enact these changes has already been drafted and debate is set for the beginning of next week in the Legislature.

The changes were sparked by revelations that Texōccoatl and former Vice-Speaker Tiacihitli plotted to remove the former leader of the Necatli, Huacue, from power. The current Necatli leader, his son Macochu, urged his people and Huenyans as a whole to accept the new changes “as a way of getting beyond the past and moving forward together.” He also took great pains to debunk allegations that the prosecution of his father for war crimes was politically motivated. “There is no truth to those rumors whatsoever. Whatever plots may have been discussed against my father, that was not one of them. He did commit a war crime, as he himself would admit and has admitted.”

It is hoped that this reorganization of the Huenyan political system will bring about greater stability and a stronger embrace of democracy in a country that has struggled with both since winning its independence. 

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