Huenya arrests alleged Xiomeran spy

Huenyan soldiers present Masina, an alleged Xiomeran spy, to the media

Huenya has detained a man that their government is accusing of being a Xiomeran spy, according to media reports in that country.

According to the Huenyan National News, soldiers near Chuaztlapoc liquidated a Golden Blade insurgent command and control center on November 20th. Among those captured was a man identified in the media reports as Masina, an operative with Imperial Intelligence. The alleged Xiomeran spy was working with leaders of the Golden Blade insurgency, according to the Huenyan Federal Intelligence Service.

“The presence of an Imperial Intelligence agent within Huenya, at an insurgent leadership center, confirms once and for all that the Xiomeran Empire is behind recent unrest in Huenya. Not that anyone believed otherwise, but it is nice to have the proof,” Huenyan President Xiadani told the media today. The president called on the international community “to decisively respond and punish the Xiomeran Empire for this blatant act of hostility and imperialism against a neighbor.” Xiadani added that the Huenyans offered to exchange the alleged spy for hostages currently being held by the Golden Blade. The President stated that the Xiomeran leader, Empress Calhualyana, dismissed the offer and refused to engage in any discussions. “If you work for the Xiomeran Empire, you have to wonder how much you’re truly valued, if they won’t even negotiate to free you,” Xiadani said.

Xiomeran officials did not respond to DTNS requests for comment. The Xiomeran government has not officially responded to the Huenyan claims. However, a cryptic message posted on social media by Calhualyana read as follows: “All Xiomerans serving the Empire understand that they may be called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice for their nation. It is a decision they make willingly. They do not beg for their lives and do not expect us to either. No further explanation is required for foreigners who would not understand the Xiomeran spirit.”

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