Xiadani faces showdown in legislature

Xiadani speaks to the media about the vote of no confidence against her

Barely four days into her new position as President of the Huenyan Federation, Xiadani is already facing a showdown with her own party and the Federal Legislature. Two Unification Party legislators have called a vote of no confidence in the President after the creation of an ethnic Xiomeran autonomous homeland in the nation.

“The creation of this autonomous homeland represents the abandonment of the single biggest principle of the Unification Party, which the President claims to belong to. The Unification Party has long held the position that the Xiomeran Empire does not in fact exist, and ceased to exist as a legitimate state following the ascension of the tyrant Calhualyana to power. Our party, and indeed our nation, have as a core principle the fact that the eventual unification of the entire Huenyan subcontinent, including Xiomera proper, under the Huenyan Federation is both essential and pre-destined. The President, in creating the Xiomeran Autonomous Homeland, has abandoned that principle and is essentially consigning the millions of people in Xiomera proper to continued life under a murderous and tyrannical regime,” the resolution calling for a vote of no confidence reads. “She has also betrayed both the nation and the Unification Party for the sake of political expediency and sacrificed the long term future of the nation for a short term peace which is not even guaranteed.”

The resolution was authored by Pomonga, a legislator from Huariha in the Necatli region. It was co-authored by Alpotoc, a legislator from Tlumeste in the Itotemoc region. “Not only is the creation of the XAH a betrayal of both party and national beliefs, but the land used to create the XAH came almost exclusively from the Itotemoc region and deprives us of our northern coast. This is entirely unfair to the Itotemoc region and people,” Alpotoc told DTNS. Officials with the President’s office have said previously that the location of the XAH was chosen due to its large number of ethnic Xiomeran inhabitants and its low population of Itotemoc or other ethnic Huenyan peoples. They have also pointed out that the borders of the XAH were carefully drawn to ensure that Ixtenco, Huenya’s largest city and biggest port, remained in the Itotemoc region.

While many members of the Unification Party and its allies in the Legislature were angered by the creation of the XAH, others have taken the stance that ensuring the loyalty and allegiance of ethnic Xiomerans is essential to Huenya’s survival as a state. They have also argued that forcing Xiadani, the first Necatli leader of Huenya, out of office would be discriminatory. The President’s backers also argue that forcing her from power would re-ignite the tensions with the Necatli people that almost caused them to leave the Huenyan state and led directly to the chain of events that created the Presidency in the first place. With Huenya still battling the Golden Blade insurgency, the President’s backers have also called the move to oust her irresponsible in this time of crisis.

For her part, President Xiadani seems unconcerned by the attempt to force her from her office and mandate an early election for President. “I don’t govern to polls or to popularity. I do what’s right, and if the gods will it, that will be enough to keep my job,” Xiadani told DTNS. Despite her outward nonchalance, it is clearly the hope of the President and her backers that Xiadani’s high popularity in the Legislature and the general public will be enough to fend off her detractors. The vote of no confidence is scheduled for November 27th.

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