Cat Laws Unexpectedly Increase Women’s Rights in Zargothrax

New laws granting cats the same rights as humans in Zargothrax have unexpectedly had a positive impact on women across the country, a new study has shown.¬†Women’s rights in Zargothrax have historically been very limited; with Zargothrax rated as “Awful” on the Kerlian Women’s Safety Index (KWSI), and greatly criticised by democratic states. Women in Zargothrax have not been permitted to live alone; with each household needing to register a male as the head of their household.

However, with the introduction of King Shapur’s laws making cats legally equivalent to humans, male cats are now permitted to be the head of a household, with no requirement for a male human to be present. This means that women can register their male cat as the head of household rather than being reliant on a father or husband, vastly increasing their personal freedom and ability to live alone or without male figures in control.

In combination with an earlier law, requiring all households to have at least one cat, many Thraxian women have taken quick advantage of the situation. Housing in Zargothrax is relatively cheap in the present day, as the population of the country dropped rapidly following the Thraxian Plague in 1996, meaning that a number of dwellings have been left empty since then. While the quality of such buildings is on average very poor, Thraxian women wishing for independence have moved in regardless.

The Royal Palace has declined to comment on the consequence, stating only that “the King may do as he sees fit”. However, the Kerlian Women’s Safety Board, upon being contacted for comment, stated that this was “unexpectedly great news coming out of one of the world’s most patriarchal countries; intended or not” – after our reporter convinced the KWSB spokesperson that it was not a prank call.

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