Huenyan forces free Acadian ambassador

Huenyan special forces eliminated a Golden Blade insurgent site today and freed ten Acadian hostages, including Ambassador John Ritagowski. According to the Huenyan Defense Department, three units of Jaguar Warriors were sent in to free the hostages after receiving a tip about suspicious activity at a compound in the village of Anatzan, approximately 60 miles from the capital Chuaztlapoc.

“We are happy to be able to inform the people of Acadia that Ambassador Ritagowski and all of the people taken prisoner with him were rescued,” President Xiadani said in a statement to the media. “All the credit for this successful rescue goes to our brave Jaguar Warriors who completed the operation, and to the equally brave citizen who gave us the tip that led to the rescue.” The President declined to name the citizen, citing concerns of retaliation from Golden Blade sympathizers. She did state, however, that the unnamed citizen whose information led the Huenyan forces to the site “has our eternal gratitude.”

Huenyan defense officials said that one hostage was wounded in the assault, but survived and is being treated at a local hospital. One Huenyan soldier was killed and another wounded in the operation. Fifteen Golden Blade terrorists were killed, with one survivor who is in the custody of Huenya’s intelligence service.

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