Arana announces bid for Presidency

The Premier of the resurgent Milinitican Communist Party, Neina Arana, has formally announced that she will be running for the office of President in the 2024 Milintican elections.

“The current so-called President and the counter-revolutionary elements that have taken over the Peoples’ Party – if it can even be called that anymore – will destroy everything that Milintica stands for if they are allowed to pursue their agenda of soft ‘modern socialism’ any further. It is time for Milintica to return to the core values of 1917,” Arana told her supporters in her announcement speech today. The mention of the year 1917 is a reference to when the MPP first won nationwide elections in Milintica, and is widely considered the “year of revolution” in Milintican history. It is also a reference to the original hard communist stance of the MPP, and Milintica’s government in general, before gradual reforms began in 1970.

“When we win Haven House, and the Assembly – and we will win them, do not doubt it – we will restore and reinvigorate the Milintican revolution and show the world our true values,” Arana said.

In response to Arana’s announcement, the current incumbent, President Matōchmizalo of the MPP, said to “bring it on”.

“Neina Arana, and her party of political retreads, has-beens and never-weres, worship the past. But Milintica seeks the future, and is better in the future,” the President told a gathering of his own supporters. “The turncoats who have betrayed and abandoned the Peoples’ Party to follow her and the MCP likewise worship the past. But that is where they will all find themselves – left behind in the past, forgotten except as a joke, when we win the elections.”

Arana was a member of the President’s cabinet before her vocal disagreements with his policy choices cost her that job. Since then, the two have become bitter political rivals and have often clashed. While Arana has proven quite capable at renewing the fortunes of the previously defunct MCP, it remains to be seen if she has what it takes to topple a political machine that has dominated Milintica’s government for over a century.

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