Former WOE Activist Releases Book Detailing “Ordeal” in Xiomera

Clay Moss, a former member of the outlawed Warriors of Our Earth eco-terrorist group, has released a memoir detailing his experience of being kidnapped and interrogated by Xiomera this April. Moss, who is still in prison for membership of a prohibited terrorist organisation and promotion of terrorist activities, has reportedly received a considerable sum of money over the book deal, which he will be able to access once he is released, which is due to happen in April 2025.

Moss’s book, From The Depths of Hell, focuses on his interrogation in Xiomera by Mariya Adema, a “professional torturer” of Kerlian origin who has become notorious among activists and dissidents in Xiomera and nearby. Critics have claimed that his account is “obviously embellished”, with the book relying on “overextended metaphors”. Throughout the memoir, Adema is consistently compared with a demon; a comparison that has gained popularity among those engaged in dissident activities in Xiomera.

Between April and May of this year, WOE carried out a series of terrorist activities which gained international condemnation. The publication of the book has thus come under criticism from a number of sources, including the Conservative Party, who are opposed to allowing the publication of works created by individuals currently serving prison sentences. Samantha Clavell of the Pacifist Party has also criticised the publication, calling it a “provocation” to Xiomera.

While the activities of WOE have been roundly condemned on a global scale, the kidnapping of Clay Moss and fellow activist Irene Ramos led to outrage across Lauchenoiria, and increased the hostilities between Lauchenoiria and Xiomera. The fallout from the kidnapping, which Empress Calhualyana of Xiomera openly admitted to, led to an increase across Lauchenoiria of distrust in foreign leaders due to the limited response given to the incident.

My ordeal with a Kerlian demon in Xiomera

“She entered the cell, her fiery red hair swaying behind her as her eyes narrowed on her prey: me. She let out a laugh like a villain in a movie as the lights flickered above her. I felt a cold dread flow through my veins as she grinned her evil grin.”

From The Depths Of Hell is the memoir of Clay Moss, a former member of activist group Watchdogs of Our Earth about his experiences in a Xiomeran prison. Moss, who was abducted by Xiomeran intelligence agents in early 2023 and taken to Xiomera, was interrogated by Mariya Adema, a notorious Kerlile-born “professional torturer” who is known to work for Empress Calhualyana.

The book has received an average 2 out of 5 star rating by critics.

From The Depths Of Hell will be available in stores from the 15th December.

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