Status Referendum in Kaijan easily passes

The referendum determining the political status of Kaijan has passed with almost 64% support and passed with over 60% in both provinces. Although the outcome was expected the turnout in some areas was higher than expected by election observers. In all townships except Jeriolam and Harang’ko Tribal Area a majority voted for a change in the political status of Kaijan. The real question now becomes what now?

Across Kaijan, large numbers of people gathered at polling stations, many in South Kaijan arriving by Buses provided by the government. Although a number were turned away for not registering in time, a process that was criticized as intentionally complex by some, many voted. In Kaijan City, the National Stadium opened as a polling site at the behest of Kaijan City FC. allowing for thousands to vote at once. Many of the people voting had either never voted before or had not voted in several election cycles. University campuses that had been the target of voting and registration drives, were closed by the decision of the UNL System. Although much of the turnout was for the Referendum in Jeblya Township, large numbers of Minjian faithful came out to vote “NO” with some wards seeing 80-85% turnout.

Additionally, election violence was not as widespread as believed, although there was an explosion at a precinct in Jelango, South Kaijan. The incident is believed to be a remote detonation by a suspect who was being actively appended, although SIBI Investigators have denied access to members of the media. During Election Day, more troops were brought in to secure public places throughout the island, leading to criticisms from Pro-Independence leaders, that the military was there to intimidate voters.

Governor of South Kaijan, Mohammed Marwan spoke of the future in an address to his supporters after victory was confirmed “God willing this won’t be the last time Kaijanese people vote for our future” going on to say “Work has already begun on organizing a convention of leaders for 2024, this time with the voice of the Kaijanese people as a negotiating piece”. The result was also celebrated by politicians outside of Kaijan, with Micheal Spencer stating “Good riddance, let them have a nation, and let them pay for it” and Sean Khan stating “A wonderful result for a democratic process we so often encourage others to do”

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