Arana stakes out foreign policy stance

In her first speech on foreign policy since launching her presidential bid, Milintican Communist Party Premier Neina Arana sharply denounced foreign treaties and trade deals signed by her rival, President Matōchmizalo of the Milintican Peoples’ Party.

“The deals that have been signed are a smokescreen to push Milintica away from the left and into center-right politics and trade agreements. They are not in line with the supposed socialist stance of the MPP and are just another example of Matōchmizalo and the party losing their way,” Arana told a gathering of Milintican economic, political and scientific leaders. “These deals are just a backdoor way of ushering Milintica into a capitalist future, and we should not stand for it.”

Arana said that upon taking office, she would rescind all current trade agreements and business collaborations with foreign entities. She would then launch new trade agreements and business ties “with nations that truly share our principles.” Arana said that she would seek closer ties with nations such as Wosteaque and “limit ties” with nations such as Eiria, Huenya, Haesan, Laeral and others “that pursue a clearly capitalist line in terms of their economic and social agendas.” Arana also said she would seek to pursue closer ties with Kerlile “in the interest of advancing womens’ rights, which is also an issue Milinticans take very seriously.” Arana also said that she would “re-visit” Milintica’s membership in the UCS if she was elected, saying that the Caxcana regional alliance “is also a promoter of capitalist agendas.”

Arana also touched on the recent emergence of a “United Commune of Auria,” a communist political group that just issued a manifesto urging Aurians to support them instead of the government under Queen Katherina. “As a fellow communist party, the MCP totally supports the Commune in their brave struggle to free themselves from capitalist and monarchist shackles,” Arana said. She called on the Milintican government to support the Commune and said that it was “yet another mistake by this President” to have supported the Aurian monarchy in the first place during their civil war. “Why should we risk our lives and spill our blood for entitled crowned heads that think they have some inherent right to rule over their people like cattle? Milintica should and must stand for better.”

President Matōchmizalo responded by calling Arana’s policy positions “utter rubbish that would devastate Milintica’s economy and status in the world if it were enacted.”

“For us to abandon the UCS, to cut off our existing trade partners, and seek to return Milintica to the isolation it ‘enjoyed’ during the period before we began enacting the reforms of Modern Socialism would be insane. We have strong partners in defense and trade. We are seeing our economy improve after decades of decline. Our people are finally beginning to have a decent standard of living. And we have achieved this while protecting workers’ rights, our environment and our unique economic system. Doing what Arana wants to do would undo all the progress we have made and put us in absolute shambles. It is literally madness,” the President said.

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