Shapur Grants Independence to Island of Samara

The island of Samara is the most fertile area in the Thraxian peninsula.

King Shapur has signed a decree granting full independence to the island of Samara off the east coast of Zargothrax. The island’s official ruler, a cat named Sawalif, was interpreted to have declared independence for the island on a livestream on the 11th December. Shapur, who believes that cats can commune with God and thus impart divine wisdom, reportedly chose to grant the island independence due to his belief that Sawalif’s “declaration” was “God’s will”.

The island was last independent at some point in the fifth century, exact date unknown. It was conquered by a group from the north of the Thraxian peninsula’s mainland during that century; who were in turn conquered by the House of Zargo (from the south of the peninsula) during the foundation of Zargothrax. Little is known about the culture who lived on the island prior to the initial conquest as there have been few archaeological examinations of the island.

Sawalif, the cat, went live to respond to the granting of independence, however fell asleep without batting at any of the pieces of paper laid out for a choice of statements. His human sister, Akilah, who has been managing Sawalif’s livestreams, has been pictured looking very bewildered and slightly alarmed. In response to Sawalif’s declaration she and her human family had tried to downplay the affair; likely fearing retribution from the Royal Family. It is unlikely they prepared for independence to actually be granted.

If Samara chooses to accept the granting of independence, it is likely to have wide-ranging repercussions for the entire Thraxian peninsula. The island provides a great amount of food to the rest of Zargothrax, having some of the most fertile lands for growing crops in the area. It is a wealthy province of Zargothrax; however has been dependent on the mainland for non-food resources over the past 1,500 years. However, with affairs on the mainland becoming increasingly bizarre thanks to Shapur’s random decrees, the people of Samara may well wish to risk going it alone.

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