Chancellor Certifies New Sports Merit Order


Pictured: a prototype OWF ribbon and rosette

In a ceremony this afternoon, Chancellor Stendē inducted ten Eirian Olympians into the newly established Order of White Fire as the Order’s first Colonels, officially beginning the nation’s first order of merit for athletes. The order was established earlier this week by a bill sponsored by Chancellor Stendē, who spoke passionately about creating a national award program for Eiria’s most accomplished athletes. “We have orders of merit for scientists, artists, and civil servants. Meanwhile, our athletes sacrifice their time, money, and bodies to represent their country, and I believe that deserves some recognition,” the Chancellor said in a speech on the Senate floor.

The list of awarded athletes is as follows: Gerald Stafford (Bobsled), Paul Schmidt (Bobsled), Mathias Jansons (Figure Skating), Jeong Hyun-Ki (Speed Skating), Siena Aleksejeva (Speed Skating), Kaylee Dacaan (Swimming), Daniel Anderson (Swimming), Evelyn Winters (Swimming), Nāthan Kōldberg (Swimming), and Jordan Theroux (Gymnastics). These awards come with a small cash prize (only for the Colonel rank), a medal ribbon, a red and white rosette badge, and the right to recommend new members of the order. The Chancellor, as with most of the other Eirian merit awards, has the right to either confirm or deny these recommendations (as she holds the title of General of the Order).

The (appointable) rank structure and regalia of the new order is as follows:

Colonel of the Order (Puveda deile Ōrd, POFB): Eight bar triangle ribbon, three layer rosette.

Major of the Order (Majōra deile Ōrd, MOFB): Six bar triangle ribbon, two layer rosette.

Captain of the Order (Kaptena deile Ōrd, KOFB): Four bar triangle ribbon, two layer rosette.

Lieutenant of the Order (Lutena deile Ōrd, LOFB): Two bar triangle ribbon, two layer rosette.

Ensign of the Order (Ensīl deile Ōrd, EOFB): Triangle ribbon, small rosette.

It is unclear at this point how many Eirian athletes, both current and former, may be inducted into the Order of White Fire, or if the award may be awarded posthumously. Sports commentators have also been debating about the inclusion of sports officials and coaches in the order, in recognition of their contributions to the sporting world. Regardless of the answers to these questions, Chancellor Stendē has opened up the door for athletes to gain a new level of respect and dignity, as well as some new fancy medals to add to their trophy cabinets.

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