Taragai government disperses protest

The government of Taragai has sent security forces into Tebengri Square in the center of their capital, Bor-Öndör, to forcibly disperse a protest calling for democracy in the country.

The government has reported arresting 753 people at the protest. Among those arrested was Khadagan Daldurkhan, the leader of the Taragaian Democratic Front. Daldurkhan is the most well-known democratic activist in the country. His whereabouts after his arrest are currently unknown and he has not been allowed to speak with anyone.

Activists at the scene reported that when security forces arrived to disperse the protest, that the pro-democracy protesters sat on the ground peacefully chanting slogans and songs and offered no resistance. Despite this, security forces used tear gas and physical force when making arrests and forcing protesters out of the square. Hospitals in Bor-Öndör reported that at least 350 people arrived with varying degrees of injuries after the protest was dispersed.

“A counter-revolutionary and seditious assembly, undoubtedly influenced by foreign elements, was brought to an end by the righteous and brave security forces of Taragai,” Chairman Jirghogadai Tömörbataar said on state media service NBT. “The people of Taragai will continue to stand together under our red banner and will not fall for such traitorous machinations.”

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