Haesan hosts Lauchenoirian President Obando for state visit

By Politics Correspondent Oh Yeong-min

HWAGANG: Today, Haesanite President Kim I-seul hosted Lauchenoirian President Emilia Obando at the Dalseongjeon. The two leaders discussed Xiomera, trade, deepening cultural ties, security, and recent events in Auria before Obando was received for a state dinner with business and cultural leaders from both nations in attendance. This meeting is a result of deepening relations between the two nations after Lauchenoiria’s capitalization after the conclusion of the Second Lauchenoirian Civil War, further strengthened by Haesan’s recent support for Huenya in the aftermath of the Golden Blade Insurgency.

Naturally, Xiomera was a main area of discussion for the two leaders, and while both expressed their dismay at the current regime in Tlālacuetztla, because this is a sensitive national security issue little was publicly revealed. However, it is believed by those in the foreign policy space that both nations seek to build an international coalition to counter Xiomera, even possibly in a formal organization. Another question that arose was about Kerlile, whose pro-Xiomera orientation has been a major thorn for Lauchenoiria. Haesan has maintained relatively warm relations with the matriarchy, and there were indications that Obando would welcome increased dialogue between the two nations.

Trade and cultural relations were another major issue at hand, and the two leaders elaborated a new framework to help permanently strengthen ties. In exchange for easier access for Haesanite firms, investors, and developers to invest in and work in Lauchenoiria, Haesan has agreed to fast track Lauchenoirian access to worker training and skill sharing platforms in order to help further rejuvenate the Lauchenoirian talent pool after their civil war. The agreement also paves the way for allowing Haesanite developers to bid for Lauchenoirian infrastructure projects, which is believed would strengthen both nations’ economies. The leaders also agreed that the two governments should remain in contact regarding expanding educational and cultural exchange programs.

Security, especially in terms of intelligence and counter smuggling, was also high on the agenda. It is expected that the two nations will enter an agreement to pool military resources and expertise to focus on counter smuggling and counter piracy operations across the continent, and indicated that the nations would be open for more likeminded nations to join the framework. Both Lauchenoiria and Haesan are notoriously restrictive on drugs-related issues, so it is little surprise that this accord would be viewed as a positive for both nations.

Both leaders were asked about current events in Auria and Taragai. While Obando deferred regarding Lauchenoiria’s recent decision to relocate troops to Juraceda, both leaders stated that the goal was a stable peaceful Auria. Some sources believe that Haesan will be focusing intelligence efforts to northern Auria to help aid the government-in-exile, but that remains unconfirmed. Regarding Taragai, while the leaders were in agreement that protests should be allowed to proceed peacefully, Obando seemed more optimistic about the nation’s democratization than Kim, who stressed peace and stability above all else.

This meeting was seen as a success from both sides, and both leaders stressed that they hope that cooperation between their two nations will continue to increase in the coming years.

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