Eirian Troops Stop Lauchenoirian Advance, UAC Positions in Nearby Forest

Pictured: Dirt Road in Laklār Forest, around eleven kilometers from Juraceda

The rapid movement of Lauchenoirian troops towards the Aurian coastal city of Juraceda has been halted by Eirian coalition forces around ten kilometers east from the town. The advance, allegedly ordered by Lauchenoirian military command on January 11th, had seen large numbers of Lauchenoirian troops closing in on Juraceda, which is currently under the control of the United Aurian Commune. However, according to an anonymous source familiar with Eirian military movements, officers of the Eirian army contingent in Auria have taken to stopping Lauchenoirian convoys, setting up a wide perimeter around the small port.

Meanwhile, members of the United Aurian Commune have been reportedly spotted in the Laklār Forest, which lines the southern and western borders of the town. This is still several kilometers away from Coalition military positions, and there have been no skirmishes reported yet. Still, the opposing forces are now growing closer together, raising questions about if UAC members and Coalition soldiers may end up locked in combat.

While Eirian Chancellor Stendē would not answer direct questions about the halting of the Lauchenoirian forces, she did release a statement earlier today in which she addressed the crisis in Northern Auria. “I must request patience and caution from all parties involved in this situation. Auria cannot afford to see another civil war that splinters the country. Violence does not need to be the answer to political disagreements, and as such, I do not believe that all peaceful options have been exhausted yet. Diplomacy must prevail.”

Ever since Bonnet and his followers declared an independent Aurian Commune, fellow leftists and disheartened citizens from across Auria have swarmed north, some even taking decrepit dirt roads in an attempt to get closer to the city. It is unknown just how many people are taking part in this exodus, but several key roads and highways, including the nearby N-4C, are reportedly backed up due to military checkpoints, a large number of travelers, and a spike in regional car accidents. With access to Juraceda being restricted by local law enforcement, we can only speculate how many members the United Aurian Commune has in the city, and how many more will get through local security measures to join them.

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