Huenya raids radical Necatli group

The Special Investigative and Prosecutorial Service (SIPS) and the Federal Police staged raids on three offices of a radical group in the Necatli capital Acalan today. The group, Tlamiquiliztli Cihuatlampa, stands accused of plotting to assassinate President Xiadani and Necatli tlatoani Macochu. The group is accused of plotting to assassinate the two leaders after the President pushed for the creation of a Xiomeran autonomous homeland, and due to the more moderate and inclusive policies of the two leaders. Both the President and Macochu have emphasized the importance of ethnic and national unity, and have strongly opposed any form of discrimination or violence against ethnic Xiomerans in Huenya. That stance has led Tlamiquiliztli Cihuatlampa to accuse the President and Macochu of betraying their ethnic Necatli brethren.

A total of thirty-five members of the group were arrested on charges of domestic terrorism. The arrests included the leader of Tlamiquiliztli Cihuatlampa, Huache. A spokesperson for the group denied the charges and said that the arrests were “engineered by the Xiadani administration to silence dissent and prevent legitimate criticism of her domestic and security policy failures.”

While Tlamiquiliztli Cihuatlampa has run afoul of the Huenyan government before for its actions, the accusations of plotting to assassinate the President and the Necatli tribal leader would represent a sharp escalation of the group’s activities. In Chuaztlapoc, President Xiadani said that she “bore the target placed on me by Tlamiquiliztli Cihuatlampa with pride”. She also stated that her government “will never allow radical racist groups, whatever their persuasion is, to threaten the stability and unity of the Huenyan Federation.” In Acalan, Macochu called Tlamiquiliztli Cihuatlampa “sinful and shameless would-be slayers of their own kin” and warned that he would take “whatever measures are necessary” to dismantle Tlamiquiliztli Cihuatlampa. “We had enough ethnic-based terrorism with the radical ethnic Xiomeran Golden Blade. We don’t need more of it from the other side of the coin,” Macochu said.

Who is Tlamiquiliztli Cihuatlampa?

Tlamiquiliztli Cihuatlampa is a far-right ethnic Necatli group that has risen to prominence in the aftermath of the Golden Blade uprising. The group has raised concerns among mainstream Huenyans for its positions which have been described as racist and xenophobic. Tlamiquiliztli Cihuatlampa has called for the expulsion of all ethnic Xiomerans from Huenya and has said that Huenya should be a “Huenyan-only state.” The group has also waged doxxing and intimidation campaigns against ethnic Xiomeran officials and security personnel in the Necatli region. Tlamiquiliztli Cihuatlampa has also staged boycotts of ethnic Xiomeran-owned businesses in the Necatli region. The group has also targeted prominent leaders of the Huenyan indigenous religion, the Teotzin, after those leaders denounced the group and declared it to be an “anti-Huenyan entity that is contemptuous of the faith.”

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