Eïkangärd shall reclaim Northwestern Whetosonghnee

Ykangäd, Eïkangärd – Conflict on the Horizon! As the Whetosonghneans continue to delay in the rightful return of the Monarchist Traitors, tensions begin to grow! The lack of true justice displayed by our neighbours means we must soon take matters into our own hands. Punishment needs to be metered out, to show the strength of out nation! Vengeance for the Revolution of 1974 and the loss of our lands must be had!

Historical lands of Eïkangärd, ceded in the year 1773 after the War of the Aachen River must be returned. Eïkan citizens lost their homes, their lands, and their cultural way of life in this exchange. It must be rectified. Something to which out Glorious Marshall has agreed. In a stern demand to the Whetosonghean state, Sancha Groenbärd has demanded the return of these lands to Eïkangärd as punishment for our foes’ delaying tactics! Further, the statement has promised the use of force should they continue their denials for rightful Eïkan justice!

Already our brave troops stand ready on the border to reclaim what is rightfully ours! With a single command, they shall swiftly push in and overcome whatever meagre defences our enemies can muster. You go get them, boys and girls! The rest of Eïkangärd is behind you!

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