Natasha Robinson Gives Birth to Baby Boy

Natasha Robinson, the eldest daughter of exiled former Kerlian Councillor Carmen Robinson, has given birth in Eiria to a baby boy whose name is being withheld from the press. It is widely believed that the father of the baby is Crown Prince Kristofer of Zongongia. Natasha’s pregnancy previously caused a three-way diplomatic incident between Kerlile, Zongongia and Eiria when the Robinson family had to flee Zongongia, citing fears of forced marriage.

Carmen Robinson, speaking on behalf of her daughter, told the press via video conference that a healthy baby boy was born to Natasha at 04:17am local time on the morning of the 23rd February in an undisclosed hospital in Eiria. The location was being kept secret due to “numerous security concerns”, which is widely thought to refer to potential threats from either Kerlile, Zongongia, or both. The Robinson family has asked for privacy following the birth.

No member of the Zongongian Royal Family was available to comment; however a number of personnel from the Zongongian Intelligence Agency were seen entering the Royal Palace in the early hours of this morning, and both King Osvald and Prince Kristofer cancelled several scheduled events for the next couple of days. There have also been unconfirmed reports on social media of Sneedville residents claiming to have seen “suspicious figures” lurking in the vicinity of the Eirian embassy, though readers are urged to use caution when considering social media as a source of information.

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