Greater Acadia to Contribute Peacekeeping Forces to Auria

Federation City, Greater Acadia – The Federal Government has announced the deployment of a peacekeeping force to Auria. Until now, Greater Acadia has refused to join in the reestablishment of peace and security within the beleaguered nation, citing a lack of clear understanding of the underlying issues causing the civil war. However, as peace slowly began to return to Auria under the current government, Acadia has shifted towards a policy maintaining peace within the country.

Following the creation of the United Aurian Commune and their capture of the city of Juraceda, the government of provisional Prime Minister Christine Belle has been closely monitoring the situation. On numerous times, the government indicated that it would intervene to restore peace in the country should the UAC and the Aurian government come to blows. However, a Milintican-backed peace plan was agreed to by both parties, and it seems that the situation is beginning to calm.

However, the situation remains tense. The Acadian Intelligence Community believes that there remains significant anti-government and pro-communist sentiments just beneath the surface in Auria. As a result, a significantly destabilizing event could still result in an explosion of violence and potential resumption of civil war in the country. For this reason, Acadia will be contributing the 3rd Mechanized Infantry Battalion of the 3rd Medium Mechanized Response Brigade to join a number of nations in the Eirian-led peacekeeping operation. This will be to ensure that the terms of the peace agreement between the UAC and Aurian government be honored. According to the Department of Defence, the Acadian contingent will arrive in-country within the week.

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