A weekend of violence in Kaijan breaks the Ramadan truce.

Before the start of the holy month of fasting and prayer, the Kaijan League had announced through its social and political channels’s it would not carry out armed resistance during the Ramadan period. For the most part Kaijan has remained free of political violence and killings by all factions. Per the HPG Institute, there have been only 4 violent incidents since March 10th.

However, on Saturday the wealthy neighborhood of Al-Kamadah located in Mandana, South Kaijan was the site of a mass kidnapping not by the Kaijan League but by the Fakhur Jaysh Kaijanese (FJK). FJK is a radical Islamist group primarily in South Kaijan that has been active since 2022. Intelligence experts had identified the F.J.K as a terror organization although very little was known about numbers or the financial resource’s. Several prior kidnapping incidents had been linked to the F.J.K, although they rarely kidnapped the number of Saturday’s attack. Muhammad Basiri Warah of the F.J.K. has demanded that several insurgents currently in prison be released as well as 15.5 million Slokasian marks be transferred to an account registered with Palm’s Bank of Kanjishima. Governor Quinzon has condemned the attacks and started negotiations for the release of the 18 mostly housekeepers;, however, Quinzon pointed out in his speech that “the federal government must combat the symptoms” to prevent further attacks.

In addition, a gunman opened fire inside University City Mall in Kaijan City, killing several before surrendering to police. Classes have been suspended at the nearby University of Kaijan for the week as it is suspected that the gunman may have associates who intended further violence. The Kaijan League has denied any connections and even condemned the attack on students. As a result across the UNL system, those who are supportive of Kaijanese independence have faced backlash and protests. In addition, students of Newport College protested in opposition to this summer’s conference regarding Kaijanese independence within the city. Others have pointed out that the gunman had no connection with the Kaijanese independence movement and may have committed the act of violence out of frustration with academic failure.

Brooke Weasley has also announced she will not attend the Newport Conference in June organized by her office. The President has stated that she will instead hold a goodwill trip across Kaijan Island “meeting with Peacemaker and religious and social figures”. In addition, several dinners have been organized in major cities across Slokais to connect influential Kaijanese figures with military leaders. Critics have called these dinners “Weasley’s Wet Steak Dinners” in reference to a 90s TV program where Weasley made a beef steak and rice with a noticeably large amount of gravy.

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