Ministry of Intelligence Accuses Zongongian Monarch of Espionage, Attempted Kidnapping

Pictured: Former Minister of Intelligence and Current Director of the EICA Oliver Karklins

In a shocking press briefing earlier today, EICA Director Oliver Karklins accused the Zongongian royal family of sending multiple Zongongian intelligence agents into Eiria in an effort to kidnap an Eirian citizen. According to partially redacted reports released right after the briefing, the small fire and attempted kidnapping of Benjamin Robinson (the son of Kerlian expat Natasha Robinson allegedly fathered by Zongongian Crown Prince Kristofer) was committed by covert intelligence agents of the Kingdom of Zongongia. It is unknown how many agents allegedly participated in this attempted kidnapping, however two have been transferred to the custody of the Ministry of Justice pending a full investigation and court proceedings.

Karklins cited both the testimony of the apprehended kidnappers and Zongongian ID cards recovered from their hotel rooms as the key evidence that points towards King Osvald IV as having orchestrated this operation. “As the investigation proceeds, I’m sure that more conclusive evidence will be revealed. Regardless, there is little doubt left that the would-be kidnappers were sent by the Zongongian royal family.”

In a follow-up briefing, Chancellor Stendē expressed her outrage at the news, and at the Zongongian government’s conduct on the subject. “We have had yet another attack on those who we offer asylum. Yet, this time, powers in Zongongia sought to go further and try to kidnap a child that is an Eirian citizen. This is a disgusting act that violates our laws, our territorial sovereignty, and common decency. Even more shamefully, the Zongongian government under Prime Minister Kristensen has intentionally avoided any attempt to speak about this matter diplomatically, forcing us to deal with this matter in front of the eyes of the world.”

“This unthinkable act needs to be answered for, in one way or another. As such, until the Zongongian government answers for the crimes committed against both the Robinsons and our Republic as a whole, I will recall Ambassador Stefan Stadē and his staff from their posts in Sneedville. This will not be a permanent decision; It will last until the leaders of Zongongia step up onto the world stage and actually lead. I welcome that day, but, until then, we must wait patiently for the Kingdom of Zongongia to come to its senses and address this matter directly.”

This announcement has obviously set off a major buzz among Eirian foreign policy analysts. However, outside of the briefings and the document disclosures, the Stendē Administration has kept a tight lid on any other information regarding Zongongia or the Robinson Family. Additionally, both the Zongongian royal family and Prime Minister Kristensen have declined requests for comment, leaving many to wonder what the future of relations between the two nations will look like.

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