BREAKING: Protesters Killed After Zongongian Troops Open Fire in Havkantsborg

Twelve protesters have been killed in the historical Zongongian town of Havkantsborg after Zongongian army troops surrounding the town opened fire on protesters atop the historical medieval town walls shortly after 7pm this evening.

It is unclear what began the escalation, as the situation in Havkantsborg has remained stable for months, with protesters in de facto control of the town. It is also unclear if troops had orders to open fire from the government, as no information has been published.

In response, protesters are demanding that immediately all troops stand down, the government resigns, and King Osvald abdicates as monarch. The New Zongongia Collective, an organisation which has sprung up since the beginning of protests and has taken on a role as close to control as exists over protesters, has announced that unless these demands are met within 48 hours, protesters will be instructed by them to “acquire sufficient means to defend themselves against the kind of force which has been shown”, which many are saying is a call to violence.

Neither the government nor the military responded to requests for comment.

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