Breaking: Protesters Surround PM’s Residence; PM and Deputies Trapped Inside

Protesters set fire to bins outside the PM's residence

Sneedville – Protesters have surrounded the residence of the Zongongian Prime Minister, trapping both the Prime Minister and his two deputies, leaders of the coalition partners, inside. Police are attempting to remove protesters from the scene, however are vastly outnumbered. Protesters appear to be armed with blunt weapons, including crowbars and baseball bats; however no firearms have yet been spotted. It is estimated that upwards of 10,000 protesters are on site, with more staging relatively peaceful demonstrations elsewhere within the capital.

The protesters arrived on site shortly after the three leaders met to discuss the situation in Havkantsborg, which has turned into a “battle”, according to witnesses, with demonstrators forcibly preventing the Zongongian military from entering the town using potentially lethal, if medieval, methods of defence. Reports indicate that as well as firing modern bullets in warning, protesters have also tossed “boiling oil” off town walls, although there is no proof what substance was actually thrown.

Demonstrators are attempting to breach the walls, with one demonstrator already managing to get across and running for windows. The trespasser was shot in the leg and is currently being treated in custody for a gunshot wound. Anonymous posts online, which have not been verified as belonging to individuals on site, have stated that “if the PM continues to ignore requests to resign, he will be forced”. A state of emergency has been called, and the military have been given orders to enter Sneedville and “assist in the ending of the blockade”.

The Royal Palace has also increased security, with military detachments camped outside the grounds, blocking all unauthorised personnel from setting foot on the hill on which it rests, two miles outside the capital city. A smaller protest of around 500 people is taking place at the foot of the hill, however no violence has yet erupted on that site. The New Zongongia Collective has stated that they also wish to hasten the abdication of King Osvald; however have deemed the Palace an “inaccessible demonstration site”.

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