PM and Deputies Flee by Helicopter as Protesters Overrun Residence

The Prime Minister of Zongongia and his two deputies have fled the PM’s residence by helicopter after protesters surrounded the residence, attempting to force entry. Police had been struggling to keep protesters out of the grounds, with seven more people gaining entry to the outer grounds before being subdued. It is believed that there may have been fatalities in both the protester and police ranks through both fighting and the crush of the crowd, however due to the volatility of the situation this is yet to be confirmed.

Prime Minister Ivan Kristensen, and deputies Samuel Eliassen and Edvard Tomasson, of the parties Economic Focus, Social Labour and Centre Liberal respectively, all boarded the same helicopter – despite usual prohibitions on joint travel – to flee the scene after police lines faltered allowing protesters to flock into the outer grounds while the first helicopter was still loading passengers. Shortly after the helicopter took off, protesters breached the building by smashing windows. The majority of the PM’s staff were still within the building, which is still occupied by protesters. Their status is unknown.

The helicopter’s destination has not been released. While leaving the vicinity, protesters attempted to throw rocks at the helicopter, as well as fireworks and other projectiles of varying threat levels. The helicopter was hit with a “pink paintball”, however no further damage was done.

Army units continue to head towards Sneedville, but did not reach the residence on time. Protesters have blocked major roads to the city with “assorted debris” to prevent vehicles gaining entry. One unit of Zongongia’s still-existing cavalry did manage to enter the city; however they are still engaged with mounted protesters outside the stadium of the national football team. It is believed that this altercation is taking place without either side resorting to lethal force as of yet.

A peaceful protest at the foot of Royal Hill has been moved on by military units camped in the area, with the entire area on lockdown since protesters breached the PM’s residence grounds. Residents of nearby villages are instructed to stay inside, and no civilians are allowed to set foot on the hill. It is unclear whether or not martial law has been formally implemented; however it is advised to follow instructions of military personnel if you are in that vicinity.

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