Federal Government Issues Travel Advisory to Zongongia, Tightens Border Security.

Federation City, Greater Acadia – With the increasing level of protests and violent clashes between protestors and police, the Federal Government has issued a travel advisory to Zongongia. The country – the southern neighbour to Greater Acadia – has been downgraded to a Level 5 Area of Concern on the Acadian Travel Caution Scale. The recommendation is for Acadians to avoid travelling to the country, and any Acadians within the country are to either make plans to leave as soon as possible or – if leaving the country is not viable – to shelter in place.

Additionally, the border with Zongongia is seeing an increase in security with the aim of preventing any spillover into border towns. Additional border security guards have been allocated to the Zongongian border, and the Greater Acadian Mounted Police have placed riot officers on standby. Unconfirmed reports of military movements in the area have been reported by some, though whether this is connected to efforts to tighten security are unknown at this time.

According to the Department of Foreign Affairs these measures are being taken to protect Acadian lives. “All measures and options are being discussed.” Said a spokesperson for the Department. Additional measures such as organizing an airlift for Acadians within Zongongia are reportedly also being discussed. The Federal Acadian Government has stated that further recommendations may be issued in the coming days. Citizens within, travelling to, or living near the border of Zongongia are advised to pay particular attention to future public service announcements.

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