Vice-Speaker of Huenya assassinated

-Great Speaker of Huenya survives assassination attempt -Huenya faces largest insurrection since civil war -Huenyan government accuses Xiomera of incidents The Vice-Speaker of Huenya, Tiacihitli, has been assassinated by an unknown assailant inside his residence and offices in the Huenyan capital Chuaztlapoc.


Huenya denounces DIA after FIS leak

Xiomera threatens retaliatory action The government of the Huenyan Federation issued a blistering statement to the media denouncing the government of Doatia for releasing information implicating the Huenyan intelligence service for actions against Xiomera. The Doatian intelligence service, the DIA, announced today


Huenya denies Canal Zone plot

The government of Huenya denied a report published in several media outlets alleging a plot by that country, working with Lauchenoiria, to take over the Canal Zone surrounding the Intra-Xiomera Canal. “These allegations are utterly ridiculous and falsified garbage,” Vice-Speaker Tiacihitli told

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