Government, protesters reach agreement in Taragai

The Presidium of the Central Committee of the Taragaian People’s Revolutionary Party (TPRP) has ousted the nation’s leader in a move forced by the People’s Army. The ouster of Chairman Jirghogadai Tömörbataar, and his subsequent arrest, are a bid to end pro-democracy


Arana: Milintica should pursue nukes

In response to the announcement by the Xiomeran government on January 14th that it would place missiles on an island it controls near Milintica, Milintican Communist Party premier and presidential candidate Neina Arana has said that Milintica should restart its long-abandoned nuclear

Taragai government disperses protest

The government of Taragai has sent security forces into Tebengri Square in the center of their capital, Bor-Öndör, to forcibly disperse a protest calling for democracy in the country. The government has reported arresting 753 people at the protest. Among those arrested

Protests greet new year in Taragai

Protests demanding democracy brought in the new year in Taragai, beginning on New Year’s Eve and continuing into today. The protests have occupied Tebengri Square in front of the People’s Great Khural building, in the capital Bor-Öndör. The protesters are calling for


Arana stakes out foreign policy stance

In her first speech on foreign policy since launching her presidential bid, Milintican Communist Party Premier Neina Arana sharply denounced foreign treaties and trade deals signed by her rival, President Matōchmizalo of the Milintican Peoples’ Party. “The deals that have been signed are


Former Necatli leader attacked in prison

Incident stirs fears of communal violence in Huenya The former leader of the Necatli people of Huenya was attacked in a federal prison, sparking anger among his people and leading to fears of possible communal violence in Huenya as a result of

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