Milintica seeks to export car

The Milintican Ministry of Trade, in cooperation with the Milintican Autoworkers’ Union and MNAC (Milintican National Automotive Cooperative), have announced they will begin exporting the MNAC Model 1 sedan. The MNAC M1 has been manufactured in Milintica for domestic use since 1965,


Manauia Island expresses CU interest

The government of Manauia Island has expressed a formal interest in joining the Caxcanan Union, following a meeting of that nation’s officials. “Manauia Island believes in democracy, free and fair trade, and the growth of shared values and beliefs. As such, we


Huenya, Laeral sign major agreement

The governments of Huenya and Laeral have signed a major agreement to accelerate the rebuilding of the former Xiomeran territory, officials from both states announced today. The program, dubbed the Laeral-Huenya Economic Corridor, is being described by both countries as a public-private