Brooke Weasley Declared President

In a landmark decision by the Supreme Court of Slokais Islands, Brooke Weasley has been declared the winner after 8,634 ballots that had been declared invalid were declared valid, based on an internal report by the Slokais Islands Board of Elections, a


Talia de La Cruz: A Red Wave?

Talia de La Cruz, the daughter of a bricklayer and a schoolteacher grew up in rural Victoria Province. This election she intends to increase rural turnout for Socialist-Labor. Socialist-Labor was formed out of remnants of the various Reformist Worker Councils of the

Candidate Background: Sean Khan

Sean Khan was born Sean Simran Joseph Khan on May 14th, 1965 in West Valley Township. His family immigrated to Slokais in 1945 from Andhrapur after the country was occupied by the Daryan Empire. The Khan family then applied for the Farmers

East Acadia: The Minjian Blue Wave

With a population of 658,340, East Acadia is a mostly rural province with a large industrial and manufacturing hub of Pindai with a population of 400,000 in its metro area, the rest of the province is rural mountains and rice fields. It


Eastern Isles Elections Preview

Eastern Isles Eastern Isles has a population of 515,000 people, by total area, land, and water it’s the largest in size, including both Green Island and San-dep Island, 200 miles away. Green Island is a bastion of mostly fishing communities, who have


Slokais Decides 2022: First Debate

First Presidential Debate Hello, and welcome to the First 2022 Presidential Debate, I am John Hartell of SIBC, and tonight, 6 candidates will be put before the nation, and be asked by members of the SIBC and the public about their positions,

Huscar Sun: A Stalemate

After more than a month of fighting, the government of the Sapa Huscar still controls most of the nation’s major cities. Although reports are limited due to internet service shutdowns by the state-run Realm Telcom Company (RTC). In the north, the Huscar

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