Government, protesters reach agreement in Taragai

The Presidium of the Central Committee of the Taragaian People’s Revolutionary Party (TPRP) has ousted the nation’s leader in a move forced by the People’s Army. The ouster of Chairman Jirghogadai Tömörbataar,


Svensson Presents Credentials

World Assembly HQ – Newly confirmed Ambassador to the World Assembly, Anton Svensson, today presented his credentials to the World Assembly Secretariat and took his place as Sanctaria’s representative, and IDU regional delegate, in the international body. Svensson, who was confirmed by the Senate on Monday, officially took office at one minute past midnight this morning, following the coming into effect of his predecessor Dr. Bethany Greer’s resignation. Svensson’s nomination last week, and subsequent confirmation on Monday, was a swift win for the government, with the 42-year-old Department of Foreign Affairs staffer a conventional, albeit less experienced than usual, pick.

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Xiomera issues support to Eïkangärd

In his weekly address to the nation yesterday, the Prime Minister confirmed that Xiomeran forces had participated in a recent exercise conducted by Eïkangärd on

Xiomera responds to Haesan acts

Xiomeran Imperial News In response to a blatant attempt by the governors of four Haesanite provinces to steal skilled Xiomeran workers and encourage them

Manufacturing subsidies pass with broad support

Hwang’s policy initiative popular despite Xiomera sanctions as Haesanite economy rebounds By Economics Correspondent Jeong Yu-na HWAGANG/SUYANG: Prime Minister Sabrina Hwang’s initiative to provide

Haesan passes dark skies legislation

By: Domestic Political Correspondent Heo Seo-ha HWAGANG: The Chamber of Deputies has just passed legislation to regulate light pollution, mandating low light and shielded

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