Huenya arrests alleged Xiomeran spy

Huenya has detained a man that their government is accusing of being a Xiomeran spy, according to media reports in that country. According to the Huenyan National News, soldiers near Chuaztlapoc liquidated a Golden Blade insurgent command and control center on November


Vice-Speaker of Huenya assassinated

-Great Speaker of Huenya survives assassination attempt -Huenya faces largest insurrection since civil war -Huenyan government accuses Xiomera of incidents The Vice-Speaker of Huenya, Tiacihitli, has been assassinated by an unknown assailant inside his residence and offices in the Huenyan capital Chuaztlapoc.

DTNS news bulletins, April 24th

Breakaway Huenyan state seeks recognition: The breakaway state emerging in southeastern Huenya, the State of Apozanolotl, has formally begun seeking recognition as an independent nation. The Xiomeran Empire was quick to recognize the new state and establish diplomatic relations, although there has

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