Former Necatli leader attacked in prison

Incident stirs fears of communal violence in Huenya The former leader of the Necatli people of Huenya was attacked in a federal prison, sparking anger among his people and leading to fears of possible communal violence in Huenya as a result of


Xiadani survives no-confidence vote

After several days of often angry and tense debate, President Xiadani of Huenya has survived a no-confidence vote that could have removed her from office. While the final vote was more than sufficient to ensure that the President remained in office, the

Huenyan forces free Acadian ambassador

Huenyan special forces eliminated a Golden Blade insurgent site today and freed ten Acadian hostages, including Ambassador John Ritagowski. According to the Huenyan Defense Department, three units of Jaguar Warriors were sent in to free the hostages after receiving a tip about

Huenya arrests alleged Xiomeran spy

Huenya has detained a man that their government is accusing of being a Xiomeran spy, according to media reports in that country. According to the Huenyan National News, soldiers near Chuaztlapoc liquidated a Golden Blade insurgent command and control center on November


Huenya to abolish monarchy

The government of the Huenyan Federation will be undergoing major changes after a deal was struck between Huenyan leaders to keep the Necatli region and people in the nation. Under the deal, the Huenyan monarchy is to be abolished. Texōccoatl, the current


Xiomera renews expulsions

The Xiomeran government has renewed expulsions of Huenyans and foreign nationals from certain countries in territories it has annexed from Huenya. The Xiomeran government last conducted mass expulsions from Xiomera proper, in May of 2022. Those expulsions resulted in thousands of Huenyans,

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