Koldan opposition solidifies around DAP

Today, the Democratic Action Party, the largest opposition party in Kolda announced a joint ticket with the the Regional People’s Alliance, a center-aligned party located primarily in Kendougou-Saboresse and other eastern regions of Kolda. Their unified candidate Jissel Baoul, a DAP Senator


Remembering the 1984 Koldan Election

1984, proved to be the most instrumental year in the history of the Koldan State. To understand the 2024 Election, one must understand 1984. After over a decade of a brutal civil war, whose name changes on who you’re asking, (we will


Kolda Election 2024: Language and Ethnicity

Kolda is a muti-ethnic and muti-linguistic nation that packs such diversity within its borders. In the 2024 Election, however, these identities will once again be a political factor. To understand the issue, a quick history lesson. Kolda is traditionally home to two


Kolda 2024 Election Preview

In 2024, Kolda will vote for President and the National Assembly for the first time in 5 years. At stake is the future of the rapidly growing Nerian state. Will voters approve another 5 years of KLF-U control or will the political