Hendry Formally Steps Down as DLP Leader

Sanctus – Chancellor Charlene Hendry today formally stepped down as leader of the Democratic Left Party, staying in place as Chancellor until the dissolution of the House of Deputies later this year. She announced that the federal board of the party had decided November 19th would be a special convention to elect the new leader; party members will have a chance to cast their ballots, online and by mail, for two weeks prior to this date.

Hendry’s decision to step down as leader marks the end of almost two decades of her rule in the party, topped with her historic election as the first female Prime Minister, and later first Chancellor, of Sanctaria. Though her time as leader of the Democratic Left Party has not always been peaceful – critics recall a near coup following the DLP failing to get into government at the 2013 election. Hendry, however, prevailed over the detractors, telling them memorably to “fall in line, or fall out of favour”.

As Chancellor, Hendry will be most remembered for overseeing the transition of Sanctaria from a unitary state to a federal one. The move, surprising many, was almost seamless. However key posts in new federal agencies remain unfilled, and she leaves behind no clear successor in the party.

It is widely reported in DLP circles that Sanctus city councillor, and failed presidential candidate, Ethan Ringrose will toss his hat into the ring by the end of this week. Culture Secretary Amanda Thomas is also understood to be close to announcing her candidacy – she was spotted in Sanctus earlier today with a film crew. Some dark horses inevitably emerge, though it is believed no incumbent State Premier wants to abandon their job to run for federal office. Talk has turned to Homeland Security Secretary Kathryn Stewart, though her office has said she has no interest in the role.

Hendry today also said the Department for Devolution and Governmental Affairs would announce the date of the House of Deputies election next week, but it’s already been widely leaked it will take place on December 10th.

JOEY SESSIONS, Political Editor

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