Serial Killer At-Large in Pontifex, Public Warned

Pontifex – The Pontifex City Police Department today advised its citizens that the recent spate of fatal stabbings in the capital are likely to be the work of just one culprit, and that residents are to be vigilant. Seven people have been found stabbed in their apartments in Pontifex, capital of Novum Limium, over the past five months, with no apparent motive to date having been discovered.

Chief of Police Matt Montgomery, at a scheduled press conference this afternoon, warned Pontifex residents that the number of victims with a sole likely culprit has resulted in the classification of the perpetrator as a “serial killer”, and that until the individual is caught, it has been advised by forensic psychologists that more attacks are likely to be forthcoming.

Montgomery has said the warning to the public is to “be vigilant” and to be wary of who people allow into their apartment. “Always ask for ID if it’s service provider like a plumber or grocery delivery. Do not be afraid to call the police department or the service provider itself to confirm the identity of the person behind the door”, Montgomery advised. He requested all hardware stores and multi-purpose stores to be cautious when selling blades or bladed items, and to potentially request and log ID verification – “so far this individual kills with a blade. A long blade, about 13″ in length; most likely a hunting knife.”

Despite the news that a serial killer walks among them, the people of Pontifex seem more or less unperturbed. “People die all the time”, one old man said simply when approached for comment, “the odds you will get murdered are so unlikely. You just gotta get on with life. The cops will catch this guy, they always do”.

ADAM KING, Crime & Justice Correspondent

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