Haesanite Telecoms Firms Granted Access to Zongongia’s Rockrose Spaceport

By Sci-tech Staff Reporter Elena Price

Haesan and Zongongia have reached an agreement which will allow Haesanite telecommunications firms to use Zongongia’s Rockrose Spaceport as an alternative launch location for their satellites. This accord allows for Haesanite firms like Astra Telecom and the media and aerospace divisions of Atlas Co. to gain an advantage in the West Hesperida market, while Zongongia benefits from the technical expertise of highly advanced Haesanite satellite development.

This move also marks further diplomatic integration between Haesan and Zongongia, which has steadily increased throughout the government of the Economic Focus Party. While Zongongia remains relatively isolated, Haesan has historically held close relations with the nation, and this agreement comes on the heels of past waves of economic accords and trade negotiations.

Zongongian diplomats are enthusiastic about the growing economic and diplomatic ties between the two nations. As Agnete Ekström, Minister for Business, Innovation, and Trade says, “We are pleased to have this chance to form closer economic ties with Haesan. Since the opening of Rockrose Spaceport, opportunities in this exciting industry have increased for Zongongians, and with this cooperation, both our nations have the chance to achieve even greater things.”

There is equal excitement on the Haesanite side, with spokeswoman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Kang Seo-hyeon responding to our request for inquiry with the statement: “We cherish the opportunity to further collaborate with Zongongia along diplomatic and economic ties. We look forward to seeing the innovation in the telecommunications industry that will take place as a result, and hope to continue our close cooperation with our Zongongian counterparts.”

For those in the greater Western Hesperida region, Astra Telecom has planned to make Haesanite media programming available starting in the summer. Haesanite satellite launches are expected to commence from Rockrose within the coming weeks.

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