Pro-Xiomera Populist Mallacaland Presidential Candidate leads polls

Azim Shahid of the newly created Quatuna Party or Our Force Party has quickly surged in the polls thank’s to a series of speeches that have quickly gained support among evangelicals. His blend of populism and Islamic traditionalism has made him very popular in the more Conservative rural areas. He also denounced foreign states such as Lauchenoria and Slokais, and praised Xiomera for “sticking to traditionalism”. Currently, he is polling at 38% in a wide field of candidates. Meanwhile, the Mallacalan Left is collapsing internally with the once-powerful New Future Party quickly becoming irrelevant in favor of President Ibrahim Kamza, and the National Democratic Front. Currently, Kamza is polling at 25%. Behind him is Akil Mourad of the For the People Party at 18% and Ubayda Siddiqi of the pro-establishment Mallacalnd Citizens Party at 11%.

One key issue in this election is foreign investment and involvement with various parties aligning themselves. This issue has become paramount after Procura Horizon was the destroyed in WOE terrorist attack, this ship included a sizeable number of Mallacan Procua workers. In response Azim Shahid blamed the “Lachenorian Communists, they already violated our sovereignty during the Civil War, and now they are openly killing Mallacans, May these Shaitian’s (devils) be driven from our land”.

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