Eïkangärd Demands Return of DMZ Territory

Vâstergäd, Eïkangärd – Nearly five decades ago, the Revolution ended in Eïkangärd, throwing off the yoke of Royalist incompetence and weakness, allowing for a new age of unity and strength. However, despite the best efforts of the then-Revolutionary State, parts of our great nation were denied to us. The Eïkan Demilitarized Zone was created following a stalemate between Royalist Forces and their collaborators in the Brother Nations. Even now, the Treaty of Port Royal has been upheld by our neighbouring foes, denying us our right to territorial integrity.

But soon, it shall be so no longer, as Great Marshal Sancha Groenbärd has demanded the return of such territory, effective immediately. Such territories rightfully belong to the people of Eïkangärd, not to the lawmakers of collaborators, disgraced governments in exile, and supposed mediators a continent away. While no specific consequences for a refusal to acquiesce to these demands was voice by our Marshal, she did state that: “No option is off the table at this time.”

Time will tell what the Brother Nations will do. However, they should know that the people or Eïkangärd are united and strong. Our rightful territory will be reclaimed, as is just and true. We shall no longer bend the knee to their meddling, nor will we continue to live under the shadow of their Royalist friends. It is only a matter of time, before our great nation is truly reunited once more.

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