LIDUN Security Council Confirmed

LIDUN HQ – The fourteen nations who will sit on the inaugural Security Council of the League of Nations for the remainder of the 2023 term were confirmed by the body today, with a number of notable nations clinching coveted seats on the powerful committee. The nations on the Security Council, nominated by the President of the League, currently held by the Democratic Republic of Eiria, will serve until the end of this year.

Joining nations like Sanctaria and Laeral on the committee, whose nominations were expected, are the autocratic and, oft-times outwardly authoritarian, nations of Xiomera, Kerlile, and Opthelia. Their inclusion on the slate nominated by the Eirian presidency has caused some eyebrows to be raised in diplomatic circles, but it’s understood that their inclusion was necessary to “legitimise” the body; there is some concern about senior diplomats at the League that if the body was “all stick and no carrot” nations like the aforementioned would not be incentivised to join and partake in the body, with many seeing the ultimate goal of the body to further democracy in the region.

A spokesperson for the Sanctarian delegation at LIDUN said they were “naturally delighted to be nominated, even more so to be confirmed” but refused to answer questions on why they voted in favour of a slate that contained nations with a history of human rights abuses. Other national delegations were similarly tight-lipped on their reasons for voting, with the exception of the delegation from Eïkangärd who loudly and continuously protested their exclusion from the slate of nominees.

It is expected that the newly empanelled committee will eventually turn its attention to the growing civil unrest in Roucourt, or indeed the increasingly militaristic overtures of Xiomera in eastern Caxcana; but with the latter nation now serving on the Security Council, what that body may be able to do to calm tensions is already potentially undermined. Some foreign policy analysts suspect that the inclusion of states like Xiomera or Kerlile on the council, though done ostensibly with the best intentions, may end up slowing the body down through extended debate, or that lack of unanimity may deligitimatise actions to defuse hostilities.

KIM TOWERS, Foreign Editor

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