Foreign Director Belle Congratulates Haesan on Roucourt Cease-Fire

Federation City, Greater Acadia – Yesterday, the United Socialist States of Roucourt descended into armed conflict following the sudden cognitive decline of General Secretary Svetlana Leclerc. The Peoples and Nation Defense Squadron of Roucourt rapidly gained territory, and began armed operations against the Military of the current regime shortly after announcing their secession from the communist state. These actions have resulted multiple civilian deaths, and it seemed that with the addition of troops from Xiomera, the situation would continue to escalate.

However, the world was somewhat surprised when President Kim I-seul of Haesan managed to negotiate a cease-fire agreement between PNDS and the Roucourtian Military. So far, the cease-fire appears to be holding, giving hope to a quick and peaceful resolution. As such, Foreign Director Christine Belle has extended her congratulations to the Haesanite President in an official statement.

“I am please to see peace return to Roucourt, considering the circumstances.” She said. “I must congratulate and commend President Kim I-seul of Haesan for her quick and decisive action in bringing about this cease-fire. Let us hope that it acts as a stepping-stone to lasting peace in the country.”

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