Mallacaland and Lao Sansong react to LIDUN membership.

Despite varying views on foreign development in Mallacaland, reactions were overwhelmingly positive in the nation of 1.7 million people. Prime Minister Ibrahim Kamza, called admittance into LIDUN “a critical step towards building a new Mallacland”. His opponent in the Presidential Election, occurring in two days, Azim Shahid who has publicly supported Xiomera has called LIDUN membership “A political and economic opportunity that should be handled by a leader who is true to the values of Mallacland”. This jab at Prime Minister Kamza is one of many in this contentious election that could determine the direction of the small Muslim-majority state. Celebrations were held in Mallacland City to honor the admittance, with a speech from the new LIDUN representative picked by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Khaled El-Bashi, a former journalist was picked to represent Mallacland until parliament re-covens after the election in July.

After failing to attain the necessary votes, opinions across Lao Sansong range on a way forward. Yuji Shakotori, leader of the Liberal Party called not being admitted into LIDUN “A clear signal that the international community won’t except Lao Sansong in its current state”. This statement was supported by Shogun Yoshobu Abo, who re-opened trade by decree and called on “industry leaders to create a more conducive environment for international trade”. The decision has largely been called a wake-up, Michnori Miyabe of the Democratic Minjian Party stated “We shall gain the respect of foreigners, not by opening our doors, but by fortifying ourselves, by reaching a system of enlightenment, free of sin and death”. However, some major companies have canceled orders to countries that voted against LIDUN such as Minoru Lumber, Amerka United Co, and United Arms Co which have pledged to a joint statement to “no longer sell any of our products to Haesan, Kerille, Lauchenoria, ¬†Greater Acadia, Manabi Rive, Milintica, and Libertas Omnium Maximus. Until they respect our right to be able to stand for ourselves as members of LIDUN, this policy will continue.”

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