Azim Shad is declared President of Mallacaland while Ibrahim Kamza looks to become Prime Minister

The Mallacaland Electoral Commission has declared Azim Shad of the Our Future Party, with 50.18% of the vote and 478,450 votes to 477,897 and 49.82 for Ibrahim Kamza. Despite this, however, there have been concerns about voter fraud in multiple locations, according to Jaemin Chu of the University of New Liverpool, who led to the election observation by the Howard Gonzalez Political Center. Chu released a report that questioned the low or non-existent turnout from certain precincts. Regardless, Azim Shad declared victory as soon as Mallacaland Electoral Commission had declared the election.

“Today is the start of a new era” he declared to supporters. In the same speech, he called a number of groups. This included allegations that Lauchenorian agents were behind the result of irregularities. “They tried to disrupt our victory, they want to turn Mallacaland to their Communist environmentalism”. In response to questions about possibly working with a left-wing government, Shad responded by saying “The powers of the President should be stronger than that of Parliament, the people are behind me”

The left-wing coalition has won 69 seats to the right-wing collations 67 seats. This means that Ibrahim Kamza shall remain Prime Minister, this time over an even more diverse coalition of parties. This next parliament will test the Constitution of Mallacaland for the first time as a truly comprehensive system in regards to the powers the President holds over parliament has not been truly set. In other news, King Abdin II was seen for the first time in years in San Fernando, Slokais Islands. The King who abdicated in 2021 and help establish the Constitution was seen with an entourage before driving away in a sports car.

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