King Abdin II assassinated in New Liverpool.

King Abdin II, the former king of Mallacaland and former heir of the first king of Mallacaland, King Abdin. King Abdin II, whose real name was Abdin bin Abdin Hussein was born on May 18th, 1991 in the then-Kingdom of Kersa. The former king witnessed his nation come into existence, with his father as its first king. He was educated abroad at the Northrock Boy’s Academy in Slokais Islands until he was 18 years of age. He then attended the University of New Liverpool, graduating in 2014 with a degree in economics.

In 2018, Abdin Hussein became King after the death of his father. Abdul Hussein was credited for pushing for social and economic reforms, that eventually led to the Mallacland Civil War. Although Abdin Hussein was couped by his younger cousin with the support of the Council of Emirs. Abdul Hussein then became a key member of the democratic group Mallacland Rising leading a march of the palace now held by his cousin. Eventually, when he restored his crown, he agreed to give up his title and property in favor of political amenity for any changes against the Emirate of Mallacaland.

Abdul Hussein was assassinated today outside the Southland Youth Center by a masked gunman. Hussein was leaving an event where he opened a Mallcan language library for children. Hussein has been working with the Southland Youth Charity to support children in one of Slokais’s poorest urban areas. New Liverpool PD is now working with the Ministry of Internal Affairs to identify the killer. President Brooke Weasley as well as other political leaders in Slokais have sent their condolences. A vigil is now taking place outside the Mallacaland Embassay in New Liverpool.

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