Prime Minister Gargant to Retire Due to Health Concerns, Effective Immediately.

Federation City, Greater Acadia – After suffering a heart attack in May, Prime Minister Gargant has remained out of public office as he recovers. Due to the length of his time out of office, many began to speculate as to the severity of his health concerns. Recently, the Prime Minister and his family have broken their silence on the matter, and have announced Prime Minister Gargant’s immediate retirement from public office and politics. They have cited health concerns as the reason for this decision.

Already there has been an outpouring of support from within Parliament and the general public after the decision. Many have expressed their disappointment with the decision. Others, have simply wished the now-former Prime Minister good health in his retirement.

As of now, the duties of the Prime Minister will remain with Director of Foreign Affairs Christine Belle. However, it is likely that the ruling Social Democratic Party will undertaking new leadership elections in the run-up to the 2024 General Elections. DIrector Belle has already stated her intentions to run for the position of Party Leader. It remains to be seen how this sudden turn of events might affect the party’s chances next year.

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