Silk Announces Break from SCP

Cristi – SCP Spokesperson on Devolution, and former Deputy Prime Minister, Andrew Silk today announced he was leaving the Sanctarian Conservative Party, along with 52 other right wing MPs, to form a new party to serve those with conservative and traditional values in Sanctaria – the New Sanctaria Party. The move, which has been mooted for weeks, was met with widespread concern throughout the SCP base, as well as those in the Christian Union Party.

The New Sanctaria Party with its 53 MPs will be the third largest party in the House of Deputies, taking 47 MPs from the SCP, and a surprising 6 from the CUP, reducing that party’s representation even further. The Speaker of the House of Deputies, Deputy Daniel Morgen, confirmed the MPs of the new party had been emailing him all weekend confirm the switch. The new party had been registered on the Register of Political Parties late on Friday evening, giving reporters and the SCP themselves a heads-up that a move was coming.

In response to the NSP’s formation, SCP leader Kate Cruz reportedly called Silk a “sore loser” to her remaining parliamentary colleagues this morning via email; likely in reference to the fact that Silk had tried twice and failed both times to be elected SCP leader.

The New Sanctaria Party is a shift to the right that has not been seen in parliament for over 30 years – all members are pro-life, and anti-big government. The CUP, though traditionally on the right, have always been supporters of the Welfare State that has existed in Sanctaria. This new NSP suggests a Welfare State is not ideal, drawing some hardline conservative members from the CUP. Its members all come from states considered rural or more conservative – Terra Monticolarum, Novum Aeternum, and Novum Limium. Only one senator (SCP) has defected, however.

It remains to be seen how this new party will affect the SCP’s performance in the state elections later this year, as no polling as been conducted, but it’s a sure bet that of the two main parties, the DLP is much happier today than the SCP.

JOEY SESSIONS, Political Editor

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