Hendry to Embark on Whistlestop Regional Tour

Sanctus – The Chancellery yesterday announced that Chancellor Hendry would be embarking today on a 10-day-long tour across the International Democratic Union that will see, amongst other events, her visit Sanctarian peacekeepers in Lauchenoiria. The flesh-pressing tour, which will include a number of bilaterals, is designed to remind various new governments across the region of Sanctaria’s influence within the region.

Dubbed by some skeptical civil servants as the “Visit from Mummy Tour”, the tour was actually a plank of the DLP’s foreign policy election manifesto, with Hendry pledging to meet leaders “on their turf” to deepen mutual respect. Since the development of the Lauchenoirian Civil War, and its subsequent resolution, Hendry is especially keen to meet and thank peacekeepers in the country, now wearily trying to rebuild.

Though the full itinerary, including dates and times, hasn’t yet been announced for national security purposes, it has been confirmed that Hendry will visit Laeralsford and meet with new Laeralian President Liu Mei-han. It is understood by unnamed sources that Hendry specifically requested this bilateral to question Liu on growing anti-Sanctarian sentiment within the country, despite the economic assistance that the Divine Federation has given it over the past few decades.

Hendry is also expected to make a stop in Catica, potentially in United New England, which some commentators see as a deliberate snub to Zamastan, who is considered a leading nation on that continent. Other commentators, however, are suggesting that the visit to UNE is expected given the friendly history between the two nations, whereas relationships with Zamastan have historically not been prioritised. However, Hendry also declined an invitation to the recent International Leaders Summit held in Tofino, and attended by many regional leaders – her decision not to visit Zamastan will be seen as deliberate by the Tofino government.

It has also been confirmed that on the return journey, Hendry will stop in Munsteran to “further underline” the special relationship that Sanctaria has with many of the nations of the now former Papal States.

GWEN COPLEY, Political Correspondent

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