Eddington Crash: “Not an Accident”

Cristi – Secretary of Homeland Security Kathryn Stewart today confirmed that the plane crash that claimed the life of serial killer Jasmine Eddington, along with five Sanctarian citizens, is no longer being investigated as an accident. “We are convinced this was not an accident”, Stewart told reporters today saying evidence uncovered from the wreckage, including from the black box, indicated the descent was “controlled and intended”.

Sources in the Department of Homeland Security, who are not authorised to the speak to the media, have told the Sanctarian National Times that the autopsies done on the bodies recovered revealed some inconsistencies in cause of death. The SNT has exclusively learned that the captain of the jet, Trevor Smith, had died before impact with the mountain face, and that the crash did not kill him. Stewart refused to be drawn on these sources saying “anonymous sources can say what they like, when I have information to share, I’ll share it”.

The revelations publicly confirmed today will do little to ease the concerns of the Sanctarian intelligence community, as well as the governments of Lauchenoiria and Kerlie. Though it has been confirmed that Eddington likely had no role in the plane’s crash, that it was no longer being treated as an accident, and foul play was involved, will have them looking internally for answers to the questions. The Sanctarian government too are concerned with the notion that it was intentional, with some in DHS saying it raises questions as to how well prison staff, as well as pilots, are vetted.

“We hope to come to a preliminary conclusion to this investigation in the next few weeks”, Stewart claimed today, suggesting the public, and the foreign governments, won’t have much longer to wait to see if there was a bigger conspiracy behind the plane’s downing.

BRIAN DeNOBLE, Defence & Security Correspondent

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