Major power outage in Xiomeran capital

The Xiomeran capital was struck by a major power outage during the morning rush hour today, in what the Imperial government is calling a deliberate attack by outside forces.

Beginning at 7:20 am Xiomeran time, three sections of Tlālacuetztla lost power. The Aztahuan area, the home of Tlālacuetztla’s financial district, lost power first. The neighboring Inchahuan area, home to the capital’s higher education and intellectual district, soon followed. The suburb of Montelin, an ultra-affluent community in the shadow of the Palace of Flowers, also lost power. The resulting power outage caused major traffic backups which lasted well into the day. Imperial officials stated that power was restored within thirty minutes of the initial outage, but individuals on the street told reporters that power was out in some areas for up to an hour before finally being fully restored.

Speaking at the Palace of Flowers, Empress Calhualyana told reporters that the incident was “a deliberate attack on our capital” and promised an Imperial response.

“We don’t know who is behind this attack just yet. But we will find out. And when we do, they will learn that one does not attack the Xiomeran Empire without suffering the consequences,” the Empress warned. When asked why the Imperial government was being so forthcoming about what is shaping up to be a major cyberattack, the Empress responded that the attack “proves what I have been saying all along – that Xiomera is under threat from malevolent foreign actors, and that we must stand together as a single united people against this threat.”

“Xiomera will not bow to pressure. We will stand together, and we will strike down our enemies fiercely together,” the Empress said. The Empress said that the Imperial government views the attack as a terrorist incident, and will respond accordingly.

A video which has begun circulating on Xiomeran social media, purporting to be from the cyberattackers, accuses the Xiomeran Empire of attacking and bullying democratic nations and threatens further retaliation. The Imperial government has made no effort to censor or block viewing of the video, instead using it as further “proof” of the government’s claims to be under siege from hostile foreign threats.

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