Eiria Forms Official Alliance with Aurian Exiles

Early this morning, In one of the most unified votes in Eirian history, the Senate voted to sign an official alliance pact with the Aurian government in exile, further cementing what was an unofficial agreement. The Aurian Parliament, meeting in Geminus, had already unanimously passed the pact, with the former Speaker of the Representariat Luc Arquette signing the document in lieu of the Prime Minister. Chancellor Lancaster signed the document into law half an hour after it passed the Senate, signifying the administration’s eagerness to aid the Aurian Exiles in their cause.

The Aurian Exile Government, lead by Arquette and Queen Regnant Sophie the First, has been particularly vocal in Eirian politics, drumming up sympathy for their situation and bringing attention to any Senators who expressed hesitation or reluctance to aid them. According to political analyst and bestselling author Laima Berzina, this strategy is incredibly effective in gaining support. “They can essentially serve as whips, but instead of threatening party repercussions, the Aurians can make the public question a Senator’s leadership. It’s an effective example of pressure politics, and with public sympathy for the Aurians appearing to increase, it’ll be an effective strategy for a long time.”

Although many Senators are siding on the side of the Aurians, a handful are growing angry with the pressure strategies the Aurians are using. Senator Steven Davis, leader of the Free Moderate Conservatives, denounced the strategies in a comment to a reporter after the Senate Vote was announced. “The tactics the Aurian Government is using are repulsive, especially from foreign guests. If they want to control our political process, they should run for Eirian office like the rest of us.”

The Pact, dubbed the Lapointe Agreement after the late Aurian Prime Minister, formes an official alliance between Auria and Eiria. It also authorizes for Eirian forces to operate within Aurian jurisdiction, as long as an Aurian force accompanies them. This provides Eirian forces with a strong leg of legitimacy if they should attempt operations in Auria. No such operations have been announced to the public yet.

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